We are experienced trainers and teachers, having run industrial and academic courses and workshops across a broad range of drug discovery topics e.g.:

  • Molecular interactions, physicochemistry, kinetics and thermodynamics
  • ADME and pharmacokinetics for medicinal chemists
  • Safety and attrition - the role of medicinal chemistry in reducing attrition in drug discovery
  • Working beyond the rule of 5 - designing well-absorbed compounds outside Ro5 chemical space
  • Inhalation by design - medicinal chemistry strategies to maximise duration of action and therapeutic index in inhaled drug discovery
  • Patents and medicinal chemistry - understanding the prior art, novelty, inventive step and freedon to operate
  • Basics of computational chemistry - how computational tools can help in compound design and data analysis
  • HTS triage techniques - getting the most from your HTS data
  • Virtual screening strategies

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